Ever since I was a child, my main interest and vocation has been art. A blank canvas fills me with excitement, with the world of possibilities just waiting to be created with paint and brush. The challenge is always, can I create what I can see in my mind’s eye’ utilising the skills learnt over the years. As a self-taught artist the vast majority of my spare time is spent painting and continually learning my craft, as each new painting poses its own unique challenges.

My subject matter is varied, portraiture / landscape / automotive / fantasy. The difference in the genres, allow me to analyse the myriad of form, colour and texture. All of my paintings reflect my other interests and i hope to capture some of the joy that both the process of painting and the interest in the subject matter, give to me. My favourite medium of choice has always been gouache, with its vibrancy of colour.  Though, over the past few years I have been learning the joys of oils on canvas. Both these mediums have given me greater versatility and can suit the best medium to the current painting.

Matt Bellamy